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Napkin rings: Everything you need to know!

Today through this article, you will get to know every possible detail regarding the latest tableware trend, napkin rings. We will have an insight into the origin of the napkin rings and the purpose they serve. You must be wondering why napkin rings?Well, this elegant tableware accessory is not only convenient for keeping the napkins right in shape but also brings interest, fun, color, and beauty to any table that we set. Let's get started.

A little fun fact and history about the napkin rings:

History knows napkin rings as serviette rings. These were originally invented by the French in the 1800s. As soon as the European bourgeoisie, who were the middle upper-class of that time, found out about the napkin rings, they were intimated by this accessory and soon made it as a part of their own. Over time, napkin rings keep taking different forms and shapes as people started developing their own designs to show off their prestige and wealth to their friends and family. A variety of materials was used to manufacture elegant napkin rings such as glass, porcelain, pearls, wood, bone, but the silver one ruled over the other options for a long time. The fame of the napkin rings took the whole western world by storm in no time and since then, they are holding their position as an integral part of the tableware.

Different types of modern napkin rings:

Now let's talk about the kinds of modern napkin rings available. You will find the standard napkin rings with the basic design. However, things start to get fancy with the figural napkin rings. The figural napkin ring consists of a napkin ring attached to a small figure or sculpture that may of any motif or shape. For example, you may find butterfly napkin rings featuring the metal crafted butterfly, accentuated with pearls and jewels.

The modern napkin rings bearing the initials or the name of the owner make the perfect wedding or christening gifts. There are many sources online that make such personalized pieces in order. And of course, you can buy some for yourselves if you love to add elements to your dinner table. Let's say if you are planning to set up a classy brunch for your friends, you can simply use some flowers; red or yellow or pink roses or pansies and place them as the centerpieces on the tables in beautiful vases. To top up your presentation, you can accompany your floral decor with the matching napkin rings.

Let us highlight another historical aspect of the napkin rings. These rings were also put on the household napkins for identification during the weekly wash day. It was a ritual to accumulate filth on napkins a whole week before they were washed again (we are better off with modern hygiene standards, aren't we?). However, the napkin rings no longer serve the same purpose.

Of course, we prefer the napkin rings our own way, right? Nowadays, elegant napkin rings are an integral part of the table decor. No matter you are placing a fancy table runner or an expensive French tablecloth, these will add a charm to your presentation. Most of the time, people tend to overlook the table presentation and treat it for granted. We do not pay heed to small details, but the truth is that the beauty lies in the tiniest details. It is quite wrong of most of us to spend hours and hours on deciding which dinnerware to choose to serve food to guests and leave the table undecorated.

We will strongly recommend you to make napkin rings a part of your table setting to give your dining situation a classic touch, no matter it is with friends or family or your workmates. When it comes to the elegant napkin rings, you can choose any design that you feel aesthetically pleasing, following your theme and your persona. Let's say you are a free spirit, get your hands-on blue bird napkin ring that symbolizes freedom.

Let's suppose you are a hard worker and strongly believe in doing good for others, the Bee jeweled napkin ring will be the perfect choice to adorn your napkin as the bees are known to be hard workers and supportive to their kind. To add pizzazz and glamour to your event, you can even try mixing and matching two or more designs of napkin rings.

Napkin Rings available at Sabrina Monte Carlo;

Sabrina Monte Carlo has emerged as a luxe one-stop destination for all interior and exterior elements. Whether you need fabric, cushions, linen, or tableware, you will find it all here. Sabrina Monte Carlo is the name that you can trust for quality and latest designs. The brands of napkin rings that Sabrina Monte Carlo features are Joanna Buchanan, Von Gern Home, special Sabrina Monte Carlo pieces, Kim Seybert, Robbe and Berking, and L'Objet. As far as the materials are concerned, you will find silver-plated, zinc, platinum-plated, raisin, brass, gold-plated, glass, and many more.

So, amongst all the options, which napkin rings are the best? To make this fair and easy for our readers, we have selected a few modern napkin rings that simply stand out in the mix. We have made sure to highlight the diverse set of options to cater to different tastes and preferences.

  1. Flare Napkin Ring Silver and Crystal by Kim Seybert: Let's start with something energetic. This vibrant piece is ready to bring energy to any occasion. Whether you are hosting a small gathering or a big event, you can never go wrong with this exclusive napkin ring.
  2. Pearl Napkin Ring by Vin Gern Home: This timeless and classic napkin ring is the perfect option for weddings. Use it in contrast with cutting-edge table accessories and see your decor shining high.
  3. Pearl Napkin Ring Champagne by Kim Seybert: Add sophistication to your table presentation with a touch of pearls. This napkin ring is simple yet chic.
  4. Rope Napkin Ring by Von Gern Home: As unique as your personality, this napkin ring will be a fun element in your table decor.