Sabrina Monte-Carlo has always allowed you to discover the treasures of various tableware. In this category, you will discover and rediscover the porcelain plate. Porcelain tableware has always been a benchmark for tableware, because it is the finest, whitest and most translucent ceramic!

Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers high-quality porcelain table services. The selection includes exceptional products. Each porcelain service is the reflection of a research work on the ceramic material itself, the shapes, colors and decoration to best transcribe this vitality so typical of porcelain. You will discover in each porcelain plate in this category all the art of this luxurious ceramic, combining expertise, innovation, creativity and tradition.

Our wide range of porcelain service decorates your daily life with simple and contemporary luxury, thus demonstrating that more than two thousand years after its discovery, porcelain remains always an exception. You will find then the time for a dinner in a utopian novel, for example, with a decoration of fantastic and elegant details! You can discover on Sabrina Monte-Carlo online site the essentials for a table that reflects your image.

A porcelain service allows you to combine the beautiful with the useful, and the useful with the pleasant through the selections of Sabrina Monte-Carlo! 

Stoneware, earthenware and porcelain are all derived from ceramic. Stoneware has a more rustic appearance, and very resistant, but much less aesthetic, at least for tableware. This is why it is often used in the building industry, especially for floor coverings. Earthenware, on the other hand, is surprisingly more fragile than porcelain, because it is more porous. If your earthenware wears out over time, the worn part will also tend to darken. Porcelain is the whitest and most translucent ceramic. Made from a paste composed of kaolin (white clay), feldspar, chalk, clay and quartz, then baked at very high temperature. It is the benchmark for tableware. It is also waterproof and resistant to mechanical or thermal shocks, when made by the hands of Masters. That is why it is already reaping the praise of Chefs and catering professionals!  

The great Masters and great Houses of the table industry appropriate porcelain plates for their design and elegance. A porcelain Service adds value to recipes and awakens our taste buds !Today, the porcelain plate takes various forms according to different tastes and desires, including hollow or dessert dinner plates in several colors and unique patterns.  Porcelain plates, with round, square or atypical shapes, will add a lot of charm to your table (Noble materials, elegant decorations, refined lines...) Collections of porcelain tableware can even be mixed in order to play on contrasts of shapes, colors or materials and multiply the effect of food on your senses. Because preparing a table is an art, Sabrina Monte-Carlo strives, through different collections, to offer you different inspiring ranges of porcelain table service!      

You can choose from our selections the porcelain plate that will allow you to create and enjoy magical moments with your guests, using unique dinnerware pieces that show excellence. As always, all the products that Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers combine quality, functionality and aesthetics in order to present porcelain tableware collections that perfectly fits into the decor and furniture of your house.

Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers pure porcelain plates, combining original shapes, delicate finishes and product quality

The art of porcelain is passed down from generation to generation. Secular manufacturers such as Bernardaud or large Houses such as Hermes, and new generations of artisans use traditional codes to redefine porcelain. We invite you to discover the excellence of the porcelain plate on Sabrina Monte-Carlo.

Some agree that all the expertise of Limoges porcelain is found in each product of the Bernardaud factory. Founded in 1863, Bernardaud maintains its expertise by perpetuating and diversifying it. One needs only to explore the Bernardaud collections to understand that porcelain, a refined material with unsuspected properties, is constantly reinventing itself with astonishing and daring modernity. It inspires designers and artists, leading them into unexplored territories. You can discover many collections of Bernardaud porcelain table service in our selection (Aux Oiseaux, Ecume, In Bloom …)  

For Hermes, porcelain plates embody the quintessence of a very aesthetic style. They are virtuosos in their expression, timeless in their style, classic without being academic, always witty and sometimes humorous. ... In our selection, you will find discoveries, invitations to travel, services that are both a tribute to nature and a sublimated vision of it by the great Hermès artists (Balcony from Guadalquivir, a Walk in the Garden ...)  

At Pinto Paris, most of the collections are in single editions or limited series. This high quality is attributed to the excellence of its artisans. Indeed, designed and made entirely by hand, each porcelain plate is unique. In fact, all porcelain plates are distinguished by their rigor, their graphic elegance and the beauty of the finishes. You can always discover Pinto Paris porcelain services (Bahia, Sagano , Basketry ... ) on Sabrina Monte-Carlo.

Porcelain, according to JL Coquet House, is the result of an alchemy between water, land and the expertise of Humans. Thanks to its rich experience that is recognized by the greatest chefs, the JL Coquet porcelain service represents the French art of living and contributes to the influence of “made in France” expertise throughout the world. You can find many JL Coquet collections in our selection, particularly the porcelain plate collection ‘Hemisphere’. This majestic iconic collection created in 1998 reveals the ridges of a finely engraved porcelain and assembles the great products of the JL Coquet House .

These are just a few examples of all the collections that you will find on Sabrina Monte-Carlo!