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The perfect cake stands options for you

Are you looking for a perfect cake stand for your reception dessert? Here are some options for you!

Be it a wedding or birthday or bridal shower or a tea party, desserts and cakes happen to be the center of attention, the show stoppers, the eye-catchers, the ones people really forward to have. So, don't the desserts or cakes deserve special treatment? Of course, they do. You need to get your hands on the beautiful cake stand for the perfect presentation. After all, presentation is everything, and it makes a big difference!

You must have spent hours and hours planning on the flavors and design of the cakes or the desserts that go according to the theme of the party, it is time for you to decide on the dessert stand. Say if you have decided to present small treats on your display table, you can choose a mix of notable stands in different shapes and heights to tie the whole presentation together. Or maybe you are a fan of rustic weddings, the wooden cake stands will be the best fit with varying heights and finishes (in our opinion).

When it comes to a cake stand, there is an array of options available in the market- all you have to look is for the perfect match for the vibe of your party decor and the spread of the desserts. If the organic, rustic cake is your choice, it will go well with the ceramic or wooden stand. Or if you have picked the contemporary-themed cake for the event, look for the metal-shaped or modern marble dessert stand.

Whichever cake stand you choose, there is a cake stand for every style available with Sabrina Monte Carlo. Sabrina Monte Carlo is the name that you can trust for luxury and quality. Whether online or brick and mortar, it is the one-stop destination for all of your interior and exterior needs. Let's see which cake stands Sabrina Monte Carlo has to offer to add a style to your desserts.

Cake Stand Brands

The brands that Sabrina Monte Carlo features are Baccarat, Robbe and Berking, Bernerdaud, Richard Ginauri, Christofle, Raynaud, Ercuis, Puiforcat, and Haviland. These names are at the top of their crafts, and they experiment with color, glaze, and form to produce phenomenal pieces.

Cake Stand Materials

You can pick from porcelain, silver-plated, and crystal.

The best cake stands

Well, to choose from such a wide range of dessert stands can be overwhelming. To help our readers out, we have picked the ten best cake stands from the site that one must surely not miss.

  1. Albi silver-plated two-tiered cake stand.

This cake stand isdefinitely made to shine in the gatherings. You can give your table an elegant look with this Albi design two-tiered cake stand. It is the perfect option to serve your mini desserts, breakfast pastries, and small sandwiches at tea parties or cupcakes at birthday bashes.

  1. Albi silver-plated three-tiered cake stand.

We have another Albi pattern on our list, but this time we have opted out of a silver-plated three-tiered cake stand. Silver-plated cake stands are a gem, the same as your desserts. They never get old, and the tiers elevate the cake or desserts in both height and style.

  1. Latitude Petits Fours Stand 24 Small Dishes.

This modern Petits fours tray is a perfect ensemble to present your guests with a tasteful and tempting display of appetizers or desserts. This dessert stand in sterling silver is best to serve macaroons or cupcakes. It is available with 12 dishes options as well.

  1. Trésor Fleuri Petit Four Stand.

This porcelain, French-made cake stand is available in a variety of patterns and colors. With hand-painted floral designs, this piece gives both a modern and sophisticated feel. With a milky white glass pedestal, this ethereal cake standwill surely add a whimsey to a dessert display.

  1. Paradis Petit Four Stand.

This uni-shaped stand by Raynod is an original. With a sharp turquoise color, beautifully rounded edge, and a white milky slim base, this cake stand is earthy and grounded with contemporary vibes.

  1. Aux Oiseaux 3 Tiers Tray.

If you are looking for a stand to serve chocolates or mignardises, or small pastries at your event, this one is the correct option. This decorative cake stand is fancy yet understated. Its high-gloss chrome finish, hand-painted patterns, bright colors, and a silver rod holding the stand, add bling for your event.

  1. Mille Nuits Centerpiece.

These crystal Mille Nuits plates, designed by Baccarat, flaunt eye-catching optical effects. What makes this elegant cake stand to stand out are the delicate ornate details. Available in both two tiers and three tiers, this ensemble will make a great statement at your weddings or other events. It can also serve as a centerpiece to bling your table setting.

  1. Le Bestiaire by Alain Thomas Footed Cake Platter.

Are you a boho bride? We have a perfect cake stand for your BIG DAY. It is one of the colorful collections ever launched by Haviland. Its sumptuous decor is made of classic colors and intricate hand-painted detailing showcasing flowers, butterflies, parrots, and toucan. The edges are refined with gold that gives this piece a fancy touch.

  1. Labirinto Red Cake Stand.

Are you planning an urban loft wedding? We will recommend you the dessert stands made with industrial materials with geometric touches on them. Let's talk about this Richard Ginori cake stand. It is a distinctive ceramic all-white color piece with geometric patterns on the outer ring and gold-plated fine edges. It is safe to say that contemporary and traditional meets in this ceramic cake stand. It is sure to become an heirloom in itself.

  1. Trésor Petit Four Stand Brown

It might seem simple, but this stand is covered in a spray of texture and pattern. The contemporary detailing meets with the classic colors, you can't really go wrong with this one. It is a perfect choice for the traditional brides, who do not want something plain but won't prefer flashy options as well.