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An ultimate guide to adding sculpture at home!

Do you have an eye for sculptures? Are you looking forwards to decorating your house with a statement sculpture to add another dimension to your interior? There are two elements that best describe the sculpture- jargon-free and compelling. You can find many excellent sculpture decoration options for every single space of your house, no matter what size or your home decor budget is.

Many people tend to overlook the existence of modern sculpture in comparison to flat works such as wallpapers or paintings, or wooden artifacts. In our opinion, it happens because sculpture flaunts the complexity of medium as it can be found in a variety of materials and potential display modes. Modern sculpture happens to be weightier in comparison to two-dimensional decor and takes a more toll on the pocket for transportation. However, whether carved out of wood or stone or any other material, a sculpturetends to relate to a homeowner than the other art sources on a more personal basis. It is the perfect depiction of what the homeowner is familiar with. Sculpture decoration represents the way a person lives, his personality traits, his tastes, and the way he interprets the world around him.

In this article, we have summed up a few insights on incorporating sculptural elements in residential spaces. These essential tips have been shared by the top-rated interior designers. We will recommend you consider these points while adding a sculpture to your collection.

Add a sculpture at your home the right way!

Here are some useful tips that will definitely help you out.

Tip-1 Look beyond the concern.

Do you relate the sculpture decoration to the puzzling genre? Why not? People find it less straightforward when they compare sculpture to paintings. To transform the modern sculpture into a work of arts, artists combine different materials such as terracotta, plaster, bronze, wood, lead, and many more. Then comes the debate of unique edition than the multiple ones as well. The fluctuating and complex techniques related to the sculpture often puzzle and disturb the collectors and gives birth to many queries.

The experts suggest putting all of the unfamiliarities and confusion aside. The best approach is to consider the underlying possibilities by looking beyond the concerns. While searching in the market, you will find budget-friendly as well as expensive artistic sculptures. Investing in modern sculpture can be a rewarding experience. So ask yourself what you want to make out of it? What do you like the most? Do you want to put something in your garden? Or want to decorate your working desk? Or maybe in the stair lobby or at the front door? Trust us, you can place sculpture anywhere you can cherish its sight.

Tip-2 Choose the theme.

To build and create your sculpture collection, focus on the period of the making to get started. For example, look for the ethereal pieces carved during the 19th or 20th century because this was the time when sculptureart gained the spotlight. The factors that you must consider are the size, theme, and quality of the piece. Sometimes, the sculpture is also painted to look alike different materials such as oxidized bronzed or illuminated terracotta. Study closely about the sculpture which you want to collect.

Tip-3 Experiment with displaying the sculpture.

As per the expert opinion, the sculpture is a sensual form of art. The sculpture enthusiasts like to touch it and live with it as it happens to be more interactive and durable. Here is what you must consider while choosing a place for the sculptureat your home;

  1. If the height of your sculpture is less than 10 inches, you can place it on a shelf or a desk. If you want to add some interest to your display, try to place an engaging sculptural form among the books or even underneath the bookshelf.
  2. To add height and texture to revamp your existing artwork, you can even layer in sculpture decoration.
  3. If you are a fan of contemporary yet clean interiors, wall sculptures are your win-win option as they can add contrast, dimension, texture, and color to your interior styling. Also, you will not get to worry about the floor or furniture cluttering.
  4. Always pick abstract modern sculpture made of chinaware for your dinner areas.
  5. Do you want to grab your guest's attention with your collection? Make your entryway grand. Place a giant or eye-catching sculpture in the mid of your hallway and see people praising your taste.
  6. Do you a large space in your house to play? Let your gigantic sculptures steal the limelight. There is no doubt that life-sized or even bigger sculptures look stunning on their own. They have the spark that immediately catches attention. However, you must have space to pull off such kind of sculpture, otherwise, your house will look crowded. You can go bold and feature your free-standing sculptures in the garden or stair hallway or maybe the entrance hall and watch heads turn.

One more thing that is essential to consider is that other than space and the quality of the sculpture, there is one more element that dramatically affects the display of the collection, and that is lightning. With proper lighting, your modern sculpture can surely make a statement.

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