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The basic function of the lighter has slightly changed since its invention almost a century ago. Billions of lighters are sold every year, however, only a handful of them have amazingly reached the status of a luxury item! These luxury lighters are the result of unique expertise in jewelry and work quality. Smoking accessories seduce stars, royalty, luxury enthusiasts, and even the non-smoking community! Moreover, smoking is a real ritual for the greatest amateurs. However, to fully enjoy all the pleasure of smoking, we also need the right tools, such as a cigar ashtray. The ashtray was regarded as a simple functional object in the past, but today, this essential smoking accessory has become a decorative object, displaying unique personal touch…

Sabrina Monte-Carlo, a recognized interior design studio based in Monaco, offers a varied selection of luxury furniture, fabrics, tableware and accessories. In this category, Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers smoking accessories. Whether you are an occasional smoker, a heavy smoker, passionate about cigars or cigarettes, hand-rolled cigarettes or pipes, or simply a lover of exceptional luxury items, you can find on Sabrina Monte-Carlo the smoking accessory that will accompany your moment of relaxation while providing the perfect decoration of your taste. A wide range of choices is available for you to choose the smoking accessory that will meet your taste and desires, and fit your furniture and the rest of your indoor decoration to match the overall atmosphere of the room.

Add this little character to your indoor decoration by opting for a lighter and a sophisticated ashtray! 

As its name reveals, the table lighter is usually put on a table. The best place for this smoking accessory can be in your dining room, your bedside table or on a console. Do you usually smoke at home? Do you like to share this pleasure with friends? The table lighter would be perfect for you. Apart from its functionality, the biggest advantage of this accessory is its contribution to the decoration of your sitting room, your dining room , your office or any another room. You will choose it according to its design or its color. Various materials are also available. Elegant and refined, our table lighters are also true luxury items that allow cigar and cigarette enthusiasts to light them with the please that they deserve.

As for the ashtray, it is one of the most essential tools to dispose of the ashes and enjoy this tasting moment with ease. Whether you are a smoker or not, it is always necessary to have an ashtray at home in case guests drop by unexpectedly. Ashtrays, with the different models offered today by the big luxury houses, have become real decorative objects that you can use as part of the decor of your interior. The shapes, colors and materials are so many elements to consider when you choose this smoking accessory.

To better enjoy your relaxation moments, we invite you to discover our selection of lighters and luxury ashtrays. You will know how to find the product that suits you the most and that will meet all your expectations.  Our selection includes almost everything that you may need! Tray-shaped ashtrays for cigars, ashtrays for cigarettes…  Our smoking accessories are both functional and highly aesthetic. Luxury Ashtrays allow you to dispose of your butts while beautifying your spaces, so why not use them? Whether for your home, your office or outdoor space, we offer many products that are available with unique details.

We offer you a rigorous selection of exceptional pieces as smoking accessories

As you can see from our brochure, we are able to offer attractive prices on a wide variety of accessories for smokers. If you are also looking for a gift idea for smokers, it is in this universe that you will find the article which will suit you and make its recipient happy. Indulge in our wide range of smoking accessories, of table lighters and also ashtrays from prestigious houses such as Giobagnara , Rivière, Lalique, St Louis, Baccarat, Christofle ...

The Giobagnara brand is known for its creations that are luxurious without being ostentatious. It offers creative pieces in original color palettes and in an infinity of leather and suede. Giobagnara products, which are made by hand, meet the highest standards while combining traditional expertise and advanced technology. Giobagnara offers you superb and fashionable hand-made table lighters. Crafted from a wooden base fully lined with leather, its lighters are real luxury items. The same applies to its collection of ashtrays. The materials have been carefully selected for accessories to ensure good quality and use.

We also invite you to discover our crystal ashtrays from Baccarat, Daum, Lalique, Christofle… The precision of the design, the purity of the material, and the transparency play make it possible to find the most exact plastic correspondences. Master glassmakers bring life to crystal, turning ashtrays into iconic and timeless works of art. Our selections include beautiful and decorative ashtrays to be used both at home or in the office.

These are just some of the luxurious accessories for smokers that you can find on Sabrina Monte-Carlo ...