Showcasing the best of French craftsmanship on crystal glassware

For over two centuries, Baccarat has led the industry as the world's finest luxury crystal. This iconic crystal manufacturer has established its brand name amongst the affluent market. Their much-desired luxurious collection of products spans over 2,500 items. The company has an interesting history that dates back 250 years ago. Rightly known as the kind of crystals, their excellence in manufacturing crystal products started when King Louis XV permitted the production of crystal works in Baccarat.

From Baccarat crystal tableware to home fittings, they have an enormous range of collection that is sold through their retail stores as well as through third-party retailers. As a classic heritage luxury brand, Baccarat has pioneered the innovative technique of manufacturing products. Baccarat is more than just a brand, it is a way of living.

Baccarat crystal, a dazzling luxury crystal world of know-how and iconic pieces

For more than two centuries, Baccarat has dominated the luxury crystal industry, Baccarat crystal is perceived as the most refined in the world. This emblematic crystal manufacturer has established its trademark among the Luxury market. With an interesting history that dates back over 250 years, their luxurious pieces’ collections, each much coveted, cover more than 2,500 items.

As always, we present to you the best of French craftsmanship on crystal glassware. From Baccarat crystal tableware to furnishings, this luxurious crystal store has a wide range of collections that are sold in their retail stores, as well as at third-party retailers. We offer you our selection of Baccarat crystal pieces, champagne flutes and glasses, crystal goblets and carafes… We have always offered the best quality items, known by luxury. Add a little sparkle to your home with some of the best-selling pieces from Baccarat House. The Baccarat product ranges are an expression of art with contemporary expertise, know-how, and interpretations. Using the latest cutting-edge technology, their crystal pieces have reached the most requested level of perfection.

Baccarat, a dazzling crystal world of know-how…

Transforming matter into desired objects are the watchwords of Baccarat craftsmen, by putting all their talents at the perfection service for more than two centuries. Baccarat now has the largest number of Best Craftsmen of France among French luxury homes. Note that it takes more than a decade to master the gestures, and exploit the infinite sculptural possibilities of crystal. The crystal factory has built its worldwide reputation on the work of crystal, more particularly its famous Baccarat crystal.

Baccarat Home takes its name from a village with the same name, halfway between Nancy and Strasbourg, in France. One of the most flowery villages in France, Baccarat keeps traces of its medieval past with the Tour des Voués, built in 1305 on a rock after an order of Henry I, Sir of Blâmont, to protect the serfs’ homes. It was Louis XV who first ordered the opening of a glass factory in Baccarat. It became a crystal factory and received its first royal commission in 1823. In the 19th century, the crystal factory entered the luxury market. Today, it is among the first in France, and brings together the best glassmakers, blowers and tailors, more than twenty of whom are the Best Craftsmen in France. Their achievements are exported to the four corners of the world.

Omnipresent in Baccarat village, the Baccarat crystal reveals its secrets in a dedicated museum, where we can discover the manufacturing techniques and remarkable works. Many specialist shops offer products from the factory, glasses, vases, jewelry, decorative items ... which compete in elegance.

The Baccarat gallery-museum is located in Paris, and offers a testament to the House’s creativity and excellence at all times, through the Baccarat crystal. In the heart of the sumptuous salons on the first floor of Baccarat House, in the 16th arrondissement, the Cristal Room Baccarat, you can also appreciate the heritage collections or the famous ballroom of the Vicomtesse du Bizarre. Baccarat crystal « Solstice » chandeliers with their forty-eight lights on gold paneling have always been the centerpiece of this emblematic place. Also, since 2018, the old brick walls of the Crystal Room Baccarat are now enhanced by a wall, adorned with 576 crystal tiles, and coordinated with the white chandeliers enthroned in the center of the living room. Located on the same floor, a lounge bar allows guests to taste a « crystal of the Kings » cocktail and discover the luxurious collection of Baccarat glasses. The Gallery-Museum is simply dedicated to the quintessence of the brand's prestigious collections.

Beyond a simple trademark, Baccarat crystal is a real way of life!

Tableware, lighting, decoration, jewelry ... the success of Baccarat crystal never fails. The Baccarat crystal glassware crosses generations while remaining the symbol of the French art of living. A crystal without any defect, this is what characterizes the brand. Plain crystal, cut crystal, engraved crystal... different techniques allow you to obtain the decoration and rendering you want, thanks to the great skills of Baccarat’s Master Glassmakers. We offer you the iconic Baccarat pieces and also the most popular collections: liquor services, with gold decorated fruits, or even vases, trays, carafes, decorative pieces…

To enhance your tastings’ experience in exceptional moments, you can bet for example the Beluga goblet in clear crystal. The beautiful circles’ pattern at the base of the cup illustrates the exceptional Baccarat know-how. Depending on the angle and perspective, the geometric shapes trap and return the light in a lovely superimposition of speckled effects. The Beluga mug and whiskey bottle complete the Baccarat crystal bar service.

In the Tasting collection, the Grand Bourgogne wine glass is a real pleasure invitation. Its sleek design focuses attention on wine. Extra-large and therefore very containing, the glass optimizes the concentration of aromas, and extracts the richness of the tasted wines’ bouquet. This is the ideal gift for wine lovers looking for purity and light.

The flower is certainly a universal concept in interior decoration. In spring, summer, autumn or winter… light up each season with Baccarat crystal flowers from the Bloom collection. The collection consists of 5-petal flowers’ archetypes, which are available in several colors. Flowers to drop as you wish to illuminate all the places you love, with sparkling frosty reflections. Also discover the Baccarat Christmas decorations: crystal trees, decorative ornaments, Baccarat angels... to illuminate the event with their quintessence…