Bathroom Accessories

Indoor decoration still plays a key role in everyday life. It is indeed the essential element that makes you feel at home! Therefore, your decoration must match your taste and reflect your personality. Just like the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen, it sometimes happens that your bathroom seems to be popping out of your eyes. It is at this particular point of time, that it becomes necessary to use bathroom accessories to embellish and decorate the room in which you spend several hours a day pampering yourself!  

Feng-shui specialists agree that the layout and decoration must be adapted to the needs of the inhabitants. The essential role of decoration is to create a world in which we can feel happier and more comfortable. Therefore, the bathroom decor has more impact on our mood, because it is the first room that we see after waking up. The bathroom, too, deserves more attention and focus, so that you could  create a safe haven for your image. This is exactly what Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers with a wide selection of luxury bathroom accessories! Laundry baskets, perfume bottles or even vanity sets… all these accessories will make your bathroom a place of well-being par excellence in your home. In addition to their very aesthetic side, these objects are useful to you on a daily basis. 

We offer the best accessories for a room where you may like to take your time! 

We believe that if there is a room where people start their day, it is the bathroom. Therefore, its decor has to be motivating! Whether it is big or small, your bathroom can easily be made practical and friendly. We give more and more importance to all the rooms in the house because sometimes we may be running out of space. That is why we need to make the most of them all as well. With these bathroom accessories, included in this category, all bathrooms can easily reflect different trendy designs!   

In addition, the bathroom is no longer just an obligatory stopover for a few minutes a day! From now on, it has become an essential room in the house in terms of indoor comfort. It has also become more functional and more fashionable. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to decoration. We do invest in the space of the bathroom because we need to feel good there and make sure we want to stay there for a good time. A well-organized and decorated bathroom allows us to start our day in the morning, and relax in the evening.

Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers bathroom accessories that will ensure more comfort, relaxation and well - being in your bathroom.  The choice range includes laundry baskets, vanity sets, storage boxes, and shelves! Add this last little decorative touch to your bathroom. Our diverse and varied luxury bathroom accessories   will perfectly make the difference.

Make the most of your bathroom with our luxury bathroom accessories! 

Whether it is a bottle of perfume, a storage basket, a soap dish, a glass holder, a soap dispenser ... or a whole set of vanity, Sabrina Monte-Carlo, with its wide range of luxury bathroom accessories , provides  you with the opportunity to design your prestigious bathroom and simplify your daily life. In a few words, you will find everything you need in our selection of accessories to make each of your visits to the bathroom an enjoyable moment!  

For example, we invite you to discover the bathroom accessories offered by Maison Rivière. With fascinating finesse, this Italian House elegantly propagates the Italian savoir-vivre with all its collections of everyday objects. The Italian manufacturer has a wide range of such elegant accessories that require a high level of skill and passion for quality. Rivière relies on clear lines and details in all of its collections. The original combination of different materials is particularly attractive, ranging from the leather box with acrylic lid to the hand-woven leather and Macassar ebony tray. Trays, tissue boxes, soap dispensers… are part of the Rivière collection.

GioBagnara is also a great Italian brand that has succeeded in redefining accessories and home furniture with its expertise and experience. The GioBagnara bathroom accessories are handmade in Italy. In its collections, leather luxuriously dresses trays, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, manicure sets and other accessories. The wide range of laundry baskets make the Italian House stands out the most. The famous GioBagnara box is just an example. All of these meticulously handcrafted accessories are tough and waterproof, which makes them perfect for the bathroom!   

The trend is certainly for refined bathroom decoration that focuses on the details that make all the difference. Among them, there are also bottles and bottles of perfume, unavoidable when speaking of  bathroom luxury accessories. You will find a wide range of choices in our selection, we have done our best to put together for you the best collections of Lalique perfume bottles, Daum perfume bottles ...