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A brief guide on choosing the placemats: Set your table like a pro!

Are you planning to host a large dinner at your place? Do you want to leave a long-lasting impression on your guests? Let us remind you of the fact that guests are always attracted and mesmerized by the beauty and presentation of the table. You must present your table setting beautifully and to perfect the table; you must get your hands on the placemats.

You might rate the placematsas frivolous extras, but the truth is that they not only serve the aesthetics but the functional purpose as well. Along with beautifying the presentation, placematsprotect the table from the damage that might occur from the heat of serving plates and bowls.

There is a vast range of chic placemats available in the market for everyday use, holidays, and special events such as birthdays, Christmas, weddings, and many more.

Many people are fascinated by the idea of including the placematsin their table presentation. However, when they step out in the market or search online, they get overwhelmed by seeing the choices available. They don't get to decide as to which quality to choose and which size will be the best fit for their table. In such a case, this article will be of great help as we are going to pen down all the necessary details regarding choosing the placemats.

How to choose the placemats?

We hear this question quite often from a lot of people. Yes, this is true that it is quite a tricky task to choose a perfect placemat. It demands a lot of effort, time, and research. But, don't worry. To save you from the efforts, we have done all of the hard work for you. After a lot of research, we have jotted down this exclusive guide to help our readers in choosing the best placemats for everyday purposes.

Tip-1 Choose your tablecloth.

Don't start with looking for the placemats; rather decide on your tablecloth first. Chic placemats look more luxe and extravagant when they are rightly combined with the tablecloths.

Tip-2 Measure the size of your table.

To easily pick the tablecloth, measure the size of your table in width and length. If your table is round, you can measure its diameter. It is not fitting to cover the surface of the table with linen only. Always buy a bigger size from the length and width of your table, so that the tablecloth may also cover its height. It all depends on you as to how much you prefer to drop the tablecloth from the edges. It is a general rule to use either eight inches or fifteen inches droppings. The dropping not only look beautiful, but they also save the table from water or juice spills.

Tip-3 Determine the size of the placemat.

Now that you are done with purchasing the right-sized tablecloth for your table, it is time to pick the placemats. Again, it is quite essential to determine the size of the placemats as well. You will find placematsin various shapes and sizes. Generally, people find it safe to invest in placematssizing 12 inches. The 12 inches sized mats are available in square, round, and oval shapes. On the square-shaped dining tables, you can place any shape. However, with the oval or circle-shaped table, the similarly shaped mats look better. Let us highlight one more fact that though these 12 inches sized placemats are a bit small in size, but when placed, they extend the space on overcrowded tables between each sitter and highlight the table setting.

For a full-size table, placemats of dimensions 20x14 inches are the most popular choice to date. This size is most spacious as it can hold the entire setting the better way including stemware, flatware, and napkins.

If you want to experiment, you can also buy the custom-made placemats apart from the standard sizes.

Tip-4 Decide on the material of the placemats.

The material of the placemats is equally crucial to consider as is design and size. Again, different materials are used to manufacture the placemats and each has its own pros and cons. We have categorized the placemat materials under two headings; natural and synthetic.

As the name suggests, natural placemats are made with natural resources. Hemp, cotton, and linen fall under this category. Synthetic placemats are manufactured by using chemicals. Acrylic, Nylon, and polyester are synthetic ones.

Natural placemats are easy to wash and are not injurious to health, however, they are less durable as compared to their synthetic counterparts and more expensive. Synthetic ones are less pricey, durable, and easy to maintain. Only, they include the chemicals that are used for dyeing and finishing.

For everyday use, synthetic placematsare a better option. For special events, you can invest in the natural ones. An occasion is an important aspect too for placements.

Some of the best placemats available on Sabrina Monte Carlo;

Sabrina Monte Carlo is the answer to all of your interior decoration needs. Here are some of the styles that you can find in both stores and online;

  1. Woven Rattan Placemat by Won Gern Home: If you want to give your table a more dressed up vibe, rattan woven placemats with the bright-colored frill around will uphold the overall impression of your table. It looks perfect for beach parties or casual dinners.
  2. Linen Braid Round Placemat white by Deborah Rhodes: This NewYork based company specialized in table accessories. Made with woven linen, with a touch of lurex thread, it is a perfect option for everyday use.
  3. Pearl Round Placemat White Shell by Von Gern Home: While looking for formal dining options, it gets more about the decor than the protection. These chic placemats with a luxe touch are best for formal dinners. These will really help in grounding your table and add extra dimension and layers.
  4. Reversible Faux Textured Leather Round Placemat by Von Gern Home: Textured on both sides in silver and gold colors, these water and stain resistant placemats are the best for daily use.