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Baxter, leather based luxury handmade Italian furniture

Baxter is a benchmark in luxury handmade furniture, distinguished by high quality products, Made in Italy. For many years, Baxter has devoted itself almost exclusively to leather furniture manufacturing such as sofas, armchairs, beds, tables, and chairs which have become known by their quality and elegance. More recently, they have expanded their range, but have always respected the ethics of craftsmanship and timeless design.

For the past thirty years, this furniture manufacturer has celebrated the art of the master craftsman of Italy. Based in Como, the family business is internationally recognized for its high quality leather. Baxter employs highly qualified craftsmen such as tanners, upholsterers, and cabinetmakers to provide an exceptional finish to all its collections. The use of the best aniline and temperate environments’ leather to ensure the best quality, obtain better resistance through the exclusive use of bull leather, and maintain the maximum thickness of the leather during the entire treatment… reveal all of the old school skills. In addition to all of this, Baxter combines a particular commitment to research in order to ensure pieces that inherit the quality of yesteryear, but which also fit perfectly into a contemporary context.

Distinctive and beautifully crafted, Baxter furniture and accessories are at the same time simple and sophisticated, elegant and refined. It is a brand that embraces character and innovation while honoring the heritage of age-old know-how.

Baxter, the story of a family centered on leather passion…

Baxter history begins in 1990 in the creative Italian design pole. It is a well-known area, rich in highly qualified labor; Baxter is indeed the product of a great entrepreneurial dream, a union between the old craft traditions, experience, and creative energy. Baxter was developed and has grown over time, nourished by an endless passion for what is beautiful, well done, thought, and produced in order to transmit emotions.

Baxter is the story of a family, one that revolves around two Italian entrepreneurs, Luigi and Paolo Bestetti. It is the DNA that characterizes Italian family businesses, springing from the love of a material and conveying the manufacturing culture. By family business, Baxter means a concept that involves both the relationship with all the staff and the distribution partners, with whom each one is part of a true symbiosis, which allows everyone to work and grow together. Baxter is also a story about the feeling that “Made in Italy” design is capable of evoking, and also about the balance of ingredients which, as in a perfect recipe, make the experience of looking at an object, touching it, and immersing in its mood truly unique. It is a story of furnishing which, like the extensions of our skin, becomes leather, hides, and transforms into special clothes talking about the passage of time and tracing the lines of the future…

It all started in the traditional tanning districts of Italy, where master craftsmen transform raw materials into pieces of leather with a unique appearance, softness, and touch. A path using a manual process, where experience and culture are the essential elements which allow Baxter to produce prestigious leather, which is a symbol of its excellence. According to Luigi and Paolo Bestetti: « Our leather has a soul: it is a living product which must be treated gently and which is sublimated over time, becoming a witness to the life of those who use it ».

Since 2005, Baxter has been ISO 14001 certified, and eco-sustainability is still one of its guiding principles. The new Baxter premises, existing since 2011, are the first “climate house” for public use, class A certified in Europe. It is a workplace with low environmental impact where light, sun exposure, and materials create great comfort and a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding environment.

Baxter may be just a young story, which dates back only to 1990, but also to a century-old entrepreneurial tradition, which flourished in the fertile land of Brianza, which has always produced excellence in furniture for the aristocracy of the first and middle class, and which continues today in its creations for all lovers of beautiful works. It is a 100% Italian story that radiates in an international panorama, which starts from the reinterpretation of English taste and evolves, through the art of work and leather shaping, towards the production of unique collections. This is the story of Baxter!

Baxter, ambassador of Made in Italy excellence around the world

Baxter has always stood out for the innovation and quality of the materials used. Each piece undergoes a specific manufacturing process, allowing the finished product to be highly personalized. Made with the greatest care and passion by the master craftsmen, each product has its own story, which begins with a skin and ends with a design. Over the years, Baxter House has fostered collaboration with big names in international design, such as Paola Navone, Piero Lissoni, Roberto Lazzeroni, and many others.

Today, Baxter still uses its skills and experience to produce even the smallest works of art by hand, the best way to ensure that all the required care and attention to perfect every detail are devoted. Each product is handmade to ensure an enhanced quality by the use of refined raw materials. Every detail is important and done with skill and diligence so as to obtain a sophisticated beauty, adapted to individual needs.

The highest quality leather is treated and worked with the best techniques, not only to ensure this luxurious furniture great durability, but also to highlight the finest details of craftsmanship. The smallest details in leather sofas’ sewing are processed and tanned by master craftsmen, using age-old techniques of which they are themselves the custodians. Armchairs, sofas, upholstered chairs, coffee tables, side tables, accessories... the Baxter product range is wide and will satisfy all needs and desires…