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MAXALTO Luxury items | Sabrina Monte Carlo

Maxalto is part of the B&B Italia group. « Massa Alto » in Venetian dialect means « the highest », hence the name of the brand Maxalto which, since 1975, has always known how to bring the highest research in the production of furniture and the quality of materials for all interiors in the world. Maxalto affirms the value of « Made in Italy » through a unique and timeless elegance. The motto of the company: « Elegance has no time », is a concept that extends to every product. Maxalto indeed represents the meeting point between industrialization and artisanal quality, in which modernity and tradition combine to give life to furniture and accessories with unequivocal tastes.

The search for detail and precious materials, maintaining quality at all stages of the production process have always been the pillars of Maxalto, and in our selection you can find an extensive collection of products designed to furnish your home with a unique and inimitable atmosphere. You can go from the living room where you will find the famous Maxalto sofas, tables, chairs, armchairs, sideboards... then you will arrive at the sleeping area with beds, boxes, and storage furniture... A series of accessories also complete the selection. Maxalto is a complete range of « new classic » inspired furnishings which stands out for the craftsmanship’s quality, materials’ quality, and details refinement.

Maxalto: strong signs that combine modernity and tradition

Founded by Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, B&B Italia has been shaping the history of Italian design since it was founded in 1966, in Milan. This success is based on a permanent quest for the future needs of users. Its furniture collections feature elegant, unique, and timeless lines. It was in 1975 that the B&B Italia group launched the Maxalto brand in order to support its main activities. While B&B Italia creates home, office, and outdoors environments, Maxalto is a brand with its own immediate and precise identity; it focuses exclusively on the production of high profile furniture. Maxalto sofas, armchairs, tables, beds..., each of these objects is made with the greatest care.

Maxalto was then entrusted to the hands of Afra and Tobia Scarpa designers who not only sign all the collections until 1992, but also the current factory. The home furnishings designed by the duo were quickly established as a benchmark in Italian design. A collection of prestige furniture in 100% « made in Italy » wood. While the 70s-80s were the era of plastic and tastes shifted towards new experiments, Maxalto's choice to use wood was quite against expectations and very daring. Tobia Scarpa gives an imprint to the entire collection: objects made from prestigious materials such as wood, meticulously arranged « piece by piece », and whose finishes benefit from a unique manual know-how.

The search for iconic objects is combined with the desire to create an atmosphere with a modern style; a style that combines the geometric simplification of forms with the quality of extreme refinement which is almost invisible of the realization. All while recovering, or inventing artisanal production techniques. From there are born objects such as the Africa wooden chairs, the Artona collection, or the New Harmony collection.

In the 1990s, Antonio Citterio continued to forge the Maxalto house’s legend. The designer is the sole master craftsman. The guideline remains unchanged: excellence. His creations, including the Apta, Acro, and Lux ​​collections, were inspired in particular by the French aesthetics of the interwar period. They are characterized by very high quality. Only noble materials are used: marble, leather, and wood in particular. The smallest details are finely worked. The result: Maxalto furniture is the perfect « contemporary classics », and the most luxurious places around the world do not resist this touch of refinement, including the Mandarin Oriental in Milan, the Aman Canal Grande in Venice, and Le Reserve in Paris...

Essential and timeless design, Maxalto advocates contemporary classics

Maxalto often puts the past in the spotlight through its furniture. The wood is simply sublimated. Ancestral methods used for woodwork and lutherie, meet industrial techniques for the reinterpretation of classical forms. Its craftsmen offer a true work of goldsmith. The fabrics, colors, embroidery or different dimensions of the furniture can be adapted to your desires in order to offer you a tailor-made interior decoration.

Maxalto selects excellent products characterized by attention to detail, materials such as marble and the best solid wood, and the guarantee of the best Italian craftsmanship. Revisiting the classic style with a contemporary spirit remains evident in the Febo line of chairs, the Pathos tables and coffee tables, and the Alcor storage furniture.

Every aspect of the products is examined in great detail, from the initial idea to its realization. The design of the various Maxalto’s furniture is refined and elegant: it fully expresses the sophisticated spirit of the brand. The greatest attention is paid to production: all products are the expression of an ideal balance between craftsmanship and industrial technologies. This combination gives life to products of excellent quality; at the aesthetic, technical, and functional levels.

Today, Maxalto is quite simply one of the Italian design’s titans; the brand stands out for its commitment to precious materials which are carefully crafted piece by piece under the finesse of an expert craftsman. All Maxalto sofas, tables, and accessories are furniture designed with the highest quality available today, and we are delighted to offer you a wide range of these iconic pieces.