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Flexform House, the best of indoor and outdoor furniture

The Italian brand Flexform makes high-end furniture that aspires to the reinterpretation of great classics, for a lasting modernity. Quality, timeless elegance, comfort, exclusivity, design consistency... this list is not exhaustively defining this brand’s furniture and accessories collections.

Discover the Flexform Italian brand through our wide selection. A benchmark in the luxury sector, the Italian brand has charmed the whole world with its elegant and timeless collections. Flexform is illustrated by a perfect association between production and design, as its various designers have shown for more than half a century. The Flexform spirit is the development of quality furniture combining comfort, classic style, and urban charm that are reflected in all of its collections, if we only mention the Flexform sofas. Succumb to the trend and embellish your interior with a touch of Italian elegance with Flexform furniture!

Flexform: a purely Italian success story!

Located in Meda in the heart of Brianza, a region renowned for producing furniture, Flexform was launched in 1959 by the Galimberti brothers. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, the Galimberti family opened a craft workshop there, where they made armchairs and sofas, more specifically an upholstery factory. Romeo, Pietro, and Agostino Galimberti wanted to give new impulse to the family business, which they therefore called Flexform di Galimberti, and thus marketed the products locally.

In a few years, the workshop was transformed into an industrial structure; the aging workshop gives way to modernity, and welcomes its first industrial machines. The Flexform House diversifies its production, and the Galimberti brothers also benefit from the proximity of the great masters of Italian design in Milan, such as Gigi Radice, Asnago-Vender, Sergio Asti, Paolo Nava ... in the 1970s, Flexform also wanted to export abroad. The brand then seized an opportunity of participating in the furniture fair in Cologne. This event gave it visibility at the European level. Two decades later, Flexform shined in Brazil, the United States, Russia, China, and also the Middle East countries. Its attractive asset: its production center is fully established in Italy. The legend is launched, the style too.

The ambassador of this inimitable style is undoubtedly the designer Antonio Citterio. A leader in Italian design; the native of Meda, in the province of Milan, who has forged for forty years the legend of the centenary Italian house, with historic and revolutionary pieces. The entire collection’s coordination has been entrusted to him. Its modular approach to furniture, combined with elegance, combines artisanal and industrial production techniques to meet everyone's functional needs. Antonio Citterio could sum up the soul of Flexform, which combines timeless classicism with urban charm. This vision will permeate all of the Flexform collections that follow.

Today Flexform stands for elegance, quality, functionality, durability, and comfort. The collections evolve according to the lifestyles of the increasingly urban population, while anticipating their needs. The furniture thus displays sober and timeless lines. Flexform is the partner of the best hotel chains, the most exclusive restaurants, as well as the most prestigious private residences…

Flexform is a cornerstone of Italian design that maintains the key principles of craftsmanship!

Flexform has a timeless elegance, no frills, often preferring familiar comfort in which it is pleasant to recognize oneself, with eccentricity. The beating heart of Flexform collections is represented by the sofas: modular or linear, with feather or dacron padding. But also beds, tables, chairs, and armchairs for a home tailored to a person who likes to stand out with refinement.

Flexform offers a wide collection of home furniture, such as the magnificent Flexform sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs, furniture and accessories, which stand out for their understated elegance, great project coherence, timeless design, incomparable comfort, and a high level of quality. Flexform furniture is ideal for furnishing residential and reception spaces with elegance and style. Flexform bets on each of its creations which always highlight the fact that any house and its interior are like a self-portrait. The furniture must therefore totally match the needs, tastes, and a lifestyle that has personality and style.

Flexform has also transferred its concept of comfort to the outdoors. The Flexform Outdoor collection displays the refined style specific to products intended for interior decoration. The relaxed and timeless elegance, as well as the incomparable comfort that has always characterized Flexform interior collections, now extend to a collection of outdoor furniture that reveals the ability to translate a solid culture of the project, into a range of products that stand out for their quality and durability. Also as an example, an outdoor Flexform sofa features a contemporary design as desired, blending perfectly into its environment. Clean and functional, it can highlight geometric shapes for perfect ergonomics.

Flexform also launched the Mood collection in 2005, a series of products that do not differ from the original style, but which are distinguished by a touch of refined modernity, in order to more closely match international tastes. The American designer, John Hutton, was in charge of this mission until 2005. He marked this period with a retro aesthetic. The Mood collection illustrates an intimate and sought-after atmosphere, evolving in a sphere of taste that goes from retro style to decoration, with notes of contemporary inspiration, redesigned shapes, refined proportions...