Raynaud House, designing elegant French tableware collections

Innovative designs, a beautiful coral motif, and high quality porcelain are some of the key factors that differentiate Raynaud Limoges from all other porcelain brands. Since 1919, Raynaud has dominated the market with its unique and complex designs. Raynaud tableware is one of the most beautiful white porcelains in Limoges, created by skilled craftsmen. With more than 160 years of excellence, this brand has evolved over the years to create high-end products without compromising on quality. Raynaud is a name that has perpetuated the Limoges porcelain tradition for over a century through three generations of entrepreneurs.

We offer you the timeless collections of superb French porcelain tableware services from Raynaud House. With both playful and artistic motifs, the wide range of Raynaud collections presents perfectly innovative designs, if we quote only the best-selling blue and white porcelains. Discover magnificent pieces from a collaboration of Raynaud House with the biggest names in the world of Arts such as Jean Cocteau, Roger Tallon, or also Salvador Dali… Having a collection of Raynaud tableware at home will certainly attract all your guests’ lust, giving your interior a decoration that is both new and timeless...

The Raynaud heritage, a know-how that lasts for years

Raynaud House history begins with Martial Raynaud who decided to target the luxury market at the beginning of the 19th century. He loved art and adored crafts. A traveler representing porcelain salesman, he sold « white gold » to a wealthy clientele. It was then that he decided to create his own decoration workshop in Limoges. Building on its success in Europe and as far as Russia, he acquired the Montjovis factory in 1919, which he completely reorganized to found Raynaud porcelains.

As a world class entrepreneur of his time, he left a creative legacy for generations to come. His eldest son André invested his career in learning and practicing art. In 1937, he was only 18 years old when he presented two decorations to his father for the competition of the international exhibition of arts and techniques in Paris. It was a success, André won the silver medal. When Martial died in 1952, André took over the reins of Raynaud House and in turn embarked on the adventure. He led the company towards modernization which is still solid to date.

In 1992, Bertrand, the youngest of five children of the third generation, took over the House management. He shared with his ancestors an insatiable curiosity for the talents of his time, and created artistic collaborations with the biggest names in decoration: the florist Christian Tortu, the decorator Alberto Pinto, the artist Roman Hyppolite...

Olivier Maillefer, the great 18th century art connoisseur, is an integral part of Raynaud’s design team. His expertise and his sense of design certainly contributed to the design of exclusive patterns for Raynaud Limoges. Raynaud’s delicate Limoges porcelain collections are used to serve the best of culinary delights in Michelin-starred restaurants around the world. That is not all; Raynaud's versatile tableware is also an exceptional gift for every occasion.

In 2015, Raynaud Manufacture was bought by the Italian group Sambonet Paderno Industrie, one of the world leaders in tableware; this offered a further very good development opportunity for the Company.

Raynaud Manufacture offers elegant, precious and high-quality tableware

As a high-end tableware brand, the superb designs of Raynaud Limoges were created by world-renowned artists, as mentioned in the previous paragraphs. The patterns created on these unique porcelain dishes are a perfect blend of tradition and bold patterns. The tableware models are meticulously produced by highly qualified craftsmen, making them a collector's choice for generations. Raynaud is simply a must for any luxury home that wants the highest quality products with the best tastes.

Although Raynaud offers a wide range of styles, our selection includes its favorite and most popular collections. Among others, in the Trésor Fleuri collection, Raynaud unveils a variation that combines patterns and colors, an ultimate refinement to be declined in a thousand ways on a table. Three different patterns, available in four colors, adorn the porcelain like precious fabrics brought back from a distant journey. You can therefore play with the patterns and colors, mix them as you wish, or favor your preferred tone for a more personalized table.

Birds of paradise, exotic plants, and butterflies adorn the porcelain table service from the Raynaud's Paradis collection. During the design process, the House designers ensure that each piece displays a different image of « paradise ». Individual turquoise pieces sparkle gently, while porcelain pieces with a pure white background have a floral pattern.

The Salamanque Gold collection, on the other hand, consists of a party service offered with an inlay frieze. The decor is inspired by plant motifs very present on the goldsmith's pieces and cutlery with engraved sleeves, made in the 16th century in Toledo in Spain. Flowers and leaves of gold or platinum, linked together by lianas and scrolls, draw a charged and precious theme that comes to dress each room in a unique way.

In Raynaud's Cristobal collection, each piece has its own story and design. The color is particularly worked, and instead of a monochrome service, Cristobal shows different color treatments. It is very deep, placed in a solid flat, on the cups handles or the buttons of a hand-painted teapot, sugar bowl, and tureen...